Is there a minimum order for a Team/Promotional customer?

Our base pricing uses 120 per SKU (a SKU is a Stock Keeping Unit). An example of a SKU would be a Junior Left Mid Curve with a specific graphic. Pricing takes into consideration setup costs at each of the many manufacturing stations in the plant. We will make smaller runs of products for customers, but pricing will vary by the order quantity.

What base colour options are available?

There are six base colours available for normal production (White, Natural, Black, Detroit Red Wings Red, Toronto Maple Leafs Blue and Forest Green). Other base colours can be custom blended for a cost premium at a minimum of 500 units.

What’s the lead time on orders?

Traditional lead time is 60 days from the time we receive a completed order and PO. However, this can be shorter based on material availability.

Can we get custom graphics?

Yes. We have the most robust graphic capabilities in the world in their product categories. We use screen art (least expensive/least lead time/less graphic detail and refinement) and heat transfer (more expensive/longer lead times/extraordinary details and effects, including fades/corner radius wrap and so on). There is a setup fee required for custom graphics that will be explained at the time of placing your order.

Can graphics come in custom colours?

Yes. Graphic colours should be provided by the customer using pantones. Graphic colours can pretty much be anything you can dream of.

Can we get custom curves/blade shapes?

Yes. Our equipment can make almost every blade shape and curve imaginable. We require a reference sample for custom order replication. The curves/blade shapes listed on our website represent the most popular curves and blade shapes sold in the marketplace today.

Can Team/Promotional customers get credit terms?

Yes. Team/Promotional customers can acquire payment terms up to 30 days from shipping date. There is a credit application that must be filled out and is subject to approval.

Why are the prices not shown on your site?

There are so many variables involved in pricing the products, it’s impossible to chart all the options. We work on a time-and-material basis using a consistent formula that considers all aspects of production (order quantity, product construction, graphic type, etc.). Each custom-product price will be as individual as the customer him or herself.

If you have any further questions or are ready to speak to our sales team, contact us today. We look forward to working with you!